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Rules & Regulations

Before using the NM 7000 bed, we recommend you read this carefully.

Use of the Nuga Best Thermal Massage Bed is solely at your 
own risk and discretion.

       Some people can not use the Nuga Best
Thermal Massage Beds.

      Use of a Nuga Best Thermal Massage Bed is not
intended to diagnose, treat, or  prevent any disease. Use of the Nuga Best
Thermal Massage Bed is solely at your  own risk. Use of a Nuga Bed is not a
substitute for any treatment by your  healthcare provider(s). Consult your
health care provider(s) before using the  Nuga Best Thermal Massage Bed if you
are suffering from any medical conditions.

      If the user has been
diagnosed with Severe Osteoporosis, or if they are  pregnant, do not allow use
the Nuga Bed.

      If the user has a pacemaker, a defibrillator, has
malignant cancer, has severe  Scoliosis, has metal in their spine, hip, or
pelvic area, has Diabetes or a  Metabolic Syndrome, Epilepsy or Seizures, had an
organ transplant, on dialysis,  or if they've had recent major surgery, they
should consult their health care  provider(s) before using a Nuga Bed.

    Using the Nuga Bed for the full back massage by persons over 300 pounds may 
damage the bed and is prohibited. Users over 300 pounds are permitted to lay on 
the bed without movement and use the Hand-Held Projector(s) and/or Weight & 
Pain Control Pad.

      Do not allow 1st time users to adjust the Remote
Control. If they would like to  adjust the temperature up or down or any other
function, ask the owner of the  Nuga Bed.

      Burns are possible,
especially if the user has a medical condition such as  diabetes which impairs
skin sensitivity. Never lay on the bed without a towel  or a sheet on it and
never remove the protective sock from the Hand-Held  Projector(s) when using
directly against your skin. We start the bed and the  hand-held projectors at
130 degrees F. The typical preferred Internal and  Hand-Held Projector
temperatures are 130 degrees or 140 degrees although the  temperature may be
adjusted up to 160 degrees.

      For the first several minutes of the
Nuga Massage, place the 5-Ball Hand-Held  Projector on the liver (directly under
your rib cage on the right side). Once  the bed stops at its first Acupressure
Point stop, move the hand-held projector  horizontally under your throat 3-5
minutes (thyroid). After your thyroid, feel  free to move the hand-held
projector wherever you like. Place it against your  abdomen to assist your
stomach and intestines; across the bridge of your nose  for headaches,
migraines, and sinus pressure; against your ear for an ear ache  or fluid in
your ear; along the jaw line for TMJ; on your liver for high blood  pressure and
cholesterol; on your wrists for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or any  arthritic area;
on your chest for acid reflux, heartburn, and indigestion; on  your lower
abdomen for menstrual cramps; sit on the projector for hemorrhoids,  the colon,
and the prostate; against any sore muscles, ligaments, or tendons;  on sprains,
strains, and broken bones; and other places. Do not place the  hand-held
projectors directly against your skull or directly on your eye balls.

   Some bras containing metal wires or clasps, or that are made of nylon or 
polyester may intensify the Far Infra-Red rays and heat and cause a burn. We 
recommend you unclasp your bra before your massage, especially if you prefer 
the Internal Projector at 140 degrees F or higher.

      It is best to
wear soft, comfortable clothes for your massage but you may wear  just about
anything (slacks, business suits, dresses, jeans, etc). Please  remove your
shoes, your belt, and remove any items from your back pockets  before you lay
down on the Nuga Massage Bed.

      Those under the age of 18 need
Parental/Guardian Consent before use of the Nuga  Massage Bed is permitted. The
Nuga Bed is not a toy. Do not allow children or  pets to play on it.

  Massage Recovery Reactions such as soreness, fatigue, or headache are possible 
during or after using the Nuga Massage Bed due to the increased blood flow to 
the brain, the stretching of the back muscles and spine, and from the 
disintegration and excretion of built-up waste products (toxins) in our fat,
blood,  and organs. These toxins include food and drink additives,
preservatives,  oxidizing gases, chemicals, pesticides, and heavy metals. It is
possible that  you will feel worse after your massage than you did before your
massage due to  potential Massage Recovery Reactions. Do not be discouraged from
using the Nuga  Massage Bed again if you do experience any Recovery Reactions
during or after  your first massage. They are temporary natural healing
side-effects helping you  to be healthier in the long term.

are limited to one Nuga Massage per day until completing 5 to 10  massages,
depending on any possible Massage Recovery Reactions. All Nuga  Massages must
always be separated by a minimum of 4 hours. This restriction  helps prevent
severe Massage Recovery Reactions from occurring.

      If you have been
drinking caffeinated drinks before your massage, you may be  very thirsty or
dehydrated during and after the massage and you may get a mild  headache due to
your increase in metabolism. Please drink a cup of water before  and after your

      Maintain a straight body during the massage. Do not twist
your back or neck.  Raise the NUGA NM-7000 Massage Bed 10, 20, or 30 degrees or
if it is more  comfortable and feel free to place pillows under your knees or
behind your  head. It is important to be comfortable!

      The NUGA
NM-7000 Weight and Pain Control Pad is available for use on the  stomach, back,
shoulders, feet, thighs, buttocks, or calves. Please note that  it may be a
little uncomfortable for the first few minutes. You should quickly  get used to
the sensation. The Pad must be placed directly against the skin and  moisture
must always be between the Pad and your skin. The NM-7000 comes with a  purple
towel to dampen. You may also use a damp paper towel or ultra sound gel.  Do not
use the Pad without some type of moisture between the Pad and your skin.  Do not
use the Pad around or near the head, neck, on open wounds, if you are  pregnant,
have a pacemaker, have cancer, or impaired skin sensitivity. Those  with
Fibromyalgia should consult their health care provider(s) before using the  Pad.
The Pad may leave small circle marks on your skin that should fade. Your  abs
and oblique muscles may be sore after use, just as if you had done 50  sit-ups,
but without the back or neck strain and pain. The Pad is also great  for most
people in providing short- and long-term Sciatic Nerve and lower back  pain

      To adjust the intensity of the Nuga Massage Session, place
padding on top of  the bed. For a more intense session, lay a thin sheet over
the Nuga Bed. For a  gentle Massage Session, place two or three bath towels over
the Nuga Bed.  Always use extra padding for first time users of the Nuga