NM 90 - Tourmanium Heat Belt 

Waist Heating Belt can be wrapped around your waist anytime,

1. Uses Tourmanium ceramic that emits far infrared rays and
       2. Uses environmentally-friendly materials
Compact in size and portable.
4. Simply wrap around your waist.
      5. Uses gold plated in the center
of the ceramic for maximized effect.

How to use

        1. Connect power
cable of temperature controller and connector.
        2. Attach the belt on
the desired part of your body.
        3. Turn on the power switch.
  4. Use temperature control knob to set to the desired temperature.



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    Best devices  purchased outside USA will not operate in USA. Using power converter will only induce more damage to  the device because the Voltage, Ampere, Hertz are different in other countries.
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    March 2014



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