NM 85 - Tourmanium Heat Mat 
NM-85 is a Medium Sized Tourmanium Heat Mat, popular family product.
It can be used in various ways, NM-85 can be lied upon and also put on top of
the body in bed. However it's size is ideal for the 2         seat sofa in the
living room area for all family members to enjoy the warmth and the health

         NM-85 is constructed using the special nano ceramic 'Tourmanium'
which, enables comfort with deep heat 
         NM-85 is different from heat mats available by other manufacturers,
using the patented nano ceramic of Nuga Best, it provides not         only deep
heat but other health benficals such as FIR and Anions.    

         Tourmanium acts as the heat conducting element and also its shape
provides acupressure sensations to the users.



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    Dear Buyers, please note that any Nuga
    Best devices  purchased outside USA will not operate in USA. Using power converter will only induce more damage to  the device because the Voltage, Ampere, Hertz are different in other countries.
    If the product is bought outside of the US, there will be no warranty offered. If
    the product is meant to be used in the US, it is recommended that the product is bought in the US. Our products are optimized for US clients.


    March 2014



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