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Tourmanium Internal Projector 

Internal Projector moves smoothly along the
spinal contour while providing finger pressure, hand massage and heat therapy to the spine and near by Meridians and muscles.

Height Control Feature 

The product frame can be adjusted to
inclination angles of 10,20 or 30 degrees to suit your physical condition, body
characteristcs or depending on which part of the body you use the product

Tourmanium Ceramic Heater Mat 

This special auxiliary mat or Tourmanium
Ceramic composition is used for enhanced heat treatment.

Tourmanium  External Projector

 External Projector comes with ergonomic design
features that minimize heat loss and may be conveniently used on any part of the human body.

Integrated Multi-Function Remote Control

Easy button operation allows convenient
selection of desired functions. Good size display panels afford easy viewing.
Remote Control holder permits easy handling and temporary storage or Remote Control.

Connector Panel

Connector panel allows use of Five-Ball

Temperature Panel

You can set the desired temerature easily to
suit your physical conditions or characteristics.

<![CDATA[NM 2500 Tourmanium Heating mat]]>Sat, 15 Mar 2014 08:55:53 GMThttp://nugabest.me/3/post/2014/03/march-15th-2014.htmlPicture
NM 2500  - Tourmanium Heat Mattress 

NM-2500 is a Single Sized Tourmanium Heat Mattress, popular family
It can be used in various ways, on top of the single size bed or on the floor
in the living room area for all family members 

NM-2500 is different from heat mats available by other manufacturers, using
the patented nano ceramic of Nuga Best.

<![CDATA[MHP 100 - Tourmanium Multi - Heat Pad]]>Sat, 15 Mar 2014 08:10:40 GMThttp://nugabest.me/3/post/2014/03/mhp-100-tourmanium-multi-heat-pad.htmlPicture
MHP 100 - Tourmanium Multi - Heat Pad MHP 100 - Tourmanium Multi - Heat Pad 
MHP 100 is a Medium Sized Tourmanium Heat Mat, popular family product.
The MHP-100 is a Tourmanium Heat Mat that is ergonomically designed for a
wide range of applications.  

         The MHP-100 is very portable and flexible and can be lied upon and
also put on top of the body in bed. Also its flexibility and size is        
ideal for use on a chair to provide warmth.

         The MHP-100 is constructed using the special nano ceramic
'Tourmanium' which provides comfort through deep heat therapy.       
The MHP-100 is different from the  heat mats available from other manufacturers, by using the patented nano ceramic
Tourmanium  of Nuga Best.

<![CDATA[NM 90 - Tourmanium Heat Belt]]>Sat, 15 Mar 2014 08:08:32 GMThttp://nugabest.me/3/post/2014/03/nm-90-tourmanium-heat-belt.html Picture

NM 90 - Tourmanium Heat Belt 

Waist Heating Belt can be wrapped around your waist anytime,

1. Uses Tourmanium ceramic that emits far infrared rays and
       2. Uses environmentally-friendly materials
Compact in size and portable.
4. Simply wrap around your waist.
      5. Uses gold plated in the center
of the ceramic for maximized effect.

How to use

        1. Connect power
cable of temperature controller and connector.
        2. Attach the belt on
the desired part of your body.
        3. Turn on the power switch.
  4. Use temperature control knob to set to the desired temperature.

<![CDATA[NM 85   Tourmanium Heat Mat]]>Sat, 15 Mar 2014 08:05:25 GMThttp://nugabest.me/3/post/2014/03/nm-85-tourmanium-heat-mat.htmlPicture
NM 85 - Tourmanium Heat Mat 
NM-85 is a Medium Sized Tourmanium Heat Mat, popular family product.
It can be used in various ways, NM-85 can be lied upon and also put on top of
the body in bed. However it's size is ideal for the 2         seat sofa in the
living room area for all family members to enjoy the warmth and the health

         NM-85 is constructed using the special nano ceramic 'Tourmanium'
which, enables comfort with deep heat 
         NM-85 is different from heat mats available by other manufacturers,
using the patented nano ceramic of Nuga Best, it provides not         only deep
heat but other health benficals such as FIR and Anions.    

         Tourmanium acts as the heat conducting element and also its shape
provides acupressure sensations to the users.

<![CDATA[NM 80  Tourmanium Heat Pad]]>Sat, 15 Mar 2014 08:03:29 GMThttp://nugabest.me/3/post/2014/03/nm-80-tourmanium-heat-pad.htmlPicture
NM 80 - Tourmanium Heat Pad 

 NUGA Heating
Pad(NM-80) is a tourmanium ceramic mat created by
firing/sintering the ultra-microparticulate mixture of tourmaline, germanium,
elvan and volcanic rock at 1300℃.

design resulting in convenient transfer and operation

simple and small-size tummy warmer is available of easy transfer and convenient
operation anywhere.


<![CDATA[Tourmanium Joint Care ]]>Sat, 15 Mar 2014 08:01:34 GMThttp://nugabest.me/3/post/2014/03/tourmanium-joint-care.htmlPicture
NM 70 - Tourmanium Joint Care 

NM-70 Joint Care with its bio-engineered design made to wrap
around the joints, simply removes pain from the knees and the

       ★ Features and Effects:
• Thermal Heat
effect of the Far Infrared Rays is increased due to the embeded Tourmanium inner
lining found       on the inside of the NM-70.
• Bio-engineering design made to wrap around
the knees and shoulders

<![CDATA[Tourmanium cervical pillow]]>Sat, 15 Mar 2014 07:59:29 GMThttp://nugabest.me/3/post/2014/03/tourmanium-cervical-pillow.htmlPicture
 Nuga Best's Tourmanium cervical pillow is designed using this age-old
concept and gently supports your cervical vertebrae (neck)         while

<![CDATA[Tourmanium Watch]]>Sat, 15 Mar 2014 07:57:20 GMThttp://nugabest.me/3/post/2014/03/tourmanium-watch.htmlPicture
Tourmanium Watch 

Consists of two different sizes, for Gents and for Ladies. The watch face
mechanism itself is by 'KAPPA' and the main feature is the         watch strap
which is made of 'Nuga Best' special nano ceramic Tourmanium.

<![CDATA[Tourmanium Jewellery Set]]>Sat, 15 Mar 2014 07:53:11 GMThttp://nugabest.me/3/post/2014/03/tourmanium-jewellery-set.htmlPicture

The Tourmanium Jewellery Set Consists of a necklace with a pendant and a
bracelet. It comes in two different sizes, one for Gents         and one for
Ladies. The mens set contains a few more tourmanium ceramics than the ladies set
to account for the larger size.